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Baked Eggs Anglaise

Hello all of you other wonderful (two!) people who read my blog and share tips. Aimee…. I want to see that cookbook!

I want to share with you lovely ladies everywhere this really beautiful and fun-looking breakfast called Baked Eggs Anglaise. These are a very special treat. Why are they strangely familiar? Because the beautiful picture in the background of this fabulous cooking blog (I tried to think of something better than Blog– Literary Epicurean Delight?) is my very first creation from Nana’s recipes aptly called Gold Medallions by me, and Baked Eggs Anglaise by the rest of the world (fifty years ago). The recipe was a clipped-out piece of newspaper glued onto a 3 x 5 card. From where? Nobody knows. But the picture looks like it’s from the 50s.

Basically, they’re English Muffins with stiffed egg whites on them, inside of which are cradled the golden yolk medallions. I recommend organic/free range eggs because their yolks are an even richer gold. Certified Humane is always a nice touch ;).

I made these as our Sunday Morning Breakkie, which we enjoyed outside while Oregon still had a little light left. I mean, Summer.


“Spread toasted muffins with butter and anchovy paste. On each pile white of egg, stiffly beaten. Carefully slip the egg yolk into the center of a beaten white. Bake in slow oven (300 F) until white is lightly browned, yolk well cooked.”

First, opened two English muffins and toasted them in our new fantastic toaster oven (oh, I love weddings!). While they were toasting, I separated the yolks from the egg whites (My friend Alexis, who is also a pastry chef and who made our wedding cake, once recommended separating egg yolks from their whites with your fingers– you cradle the yolk in your fingers and let the whites slip on through. Works!) then used my Brand New Cuisinart Hand Mixer (Dear God, it’s marvelous — it has a whisk attachment!– and Another Reason why I love weddings!) to beat the egg whites stiff. This was my first time ever beating egg whites and I’m not sure what the difference is between ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. It took awhile. I mean, it took a dial-up long time, and it reminded me that, oh yeah, people had to actually wait for things ‘way back when’.

When the E.M.s were toasted, I added a pat of butter and a few slivers of grated cheddar to each– not too much, because I just wanted a hint of flavor, missing the anchovy paste and all, but not the oil. Then, I spread on each a pillow of egg whites and made a small volcano in the center. Into each egg white volcano went the medallion.

Push it back in the Cuisinart (did I mention that?) Toaster Oven and waited until the tops were a golden brown and the yolks were cooked and voila! The coolest-looking breakfast this side of the Western Theater.

Anchovy Paste or Olive Tapenade would probably work interchangeably. You just need that salty bite. Or maybe mustard? What do you think?

Alexis’s Fabulous Wedding Cake: Photo by Michelle Lucille Taylor


4 comments on “Baked Eggs Anglaise

  1. Cristina Berretta
    September 14, 2010

    Beautiful breakfast. Lovely pics. Now I’m hungry again.

  2. Toni
    September 19, 2010

    Paige! The eggwhites are “stiff” when you can make little castles out of them from the bowl – does that make sense??? Personally, I like mustard! 😉 yum

  3. Paigie Nana Cakes
    September 28, 2010

    Yeah, I think Mustard would be better, anyways! 🙂

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