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“The CrumpEttes” and “This tastes like pizza.”

This week we experienced our very first, and far from last, tasting party at Pix Patisserie. It’s where Parisian night life meets Parisian baking. No, it’s where Parisian Nightlife and Baking make a super star love child named Pix.  Everyone there was looking hot and fancy while tasting various beers, “white substances”, meats, and my personal fav- Creme Brulee.

Suzie, our Australian friend-cum-baker-cum-professional-taste-tester arranged the evening, registered our team, and even coined the name “The CrumpEttes” so we could own some style.  She also took on the majority of the taste-testing work. Each round supplied a tray with an onion-skin thin piece of paper on it and, on that paper, several small plastic or paper cups. Within the cups laid the game. Some favorite white substances? Unfortunately, Cocaine was not one of them. There were, however, – dried egg whites – baking soda (gross) – coconut (delicious) – dried mashed potatoes, etc. I liked the soda game, but can’t believe that I mistook diet coke for Pepsi. Dear God. Suzie was our champion while I was around for the… let’s say… the ambiance of it all.  She tackled most rounds, spearheading the first, which culminated in guessing about 15 different herbs. Who knows what marjoram tastes like alone? I’m used to herb orchestras. Half the time I said, “this tastes like pizza.”

HOWEVER, my taste-testing abilities came back en force when the meat selections arrived. Yes, I’ve been “vegetarian” for about two to four months now, only eating well-raised, ethically slaughtered meat on rare occasions. But Suzie and her husband, Don, are real vegetarians (sans quotation marks) and couldn’t touch it. So even though Don was the beer engenue and Suzie the flavor queen, I was all up on top of that meat. You read that right.

Koren and I, though not a huge help, like to think that we added something to the group. Two more members, at least, qualifying us for the team. And we both tried our best to help with the beer.


2 comments on ““The CrumpEttes” and “This tastes like pizza.”

  1. Ashley Sloan
    September 16, 2010

    I wish I could have gone! Next time I definitely want to come!

  2. Toni
    September 19, 2010

    We need to do this in Corvallis!

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