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Bourbon or Rum Balls

Soooo happy to be here!

Aimee, Toni told me that you asked for another recipe and as you’re 50% of my readership, I want to oblige :).

These little rum balls are delicious and very shy. Their flavor is delicate– don’t expect a punch in the mouth and don’t serve them with lots of other delicious sweets, or they’ll get lost. However, they’re not to be swept under the kitchen table. They’re a nice, delicious snack and they last a long time– I packed one a day in my purse for a week, just to enjoy  and remind myself that life is sweet.

Our cake plate of tasty little rum balls was created for a Marie Antoinette party that we held at our house last week– the best aspects of the Marie Antoinette party were a) seeing everyone’s costumes, and b) eating so many delicious cakes!  Ms. Cristina brought this delicious and moist espresso chocolate cake (recipe in a future blog, my friends), while Ms. Suzie knocked herself out putting up tiny, porcelain espresso cups with chocolate pudding in them, butterfly cupcakes, hand made macaroons…. what else? So good! My bruschetta went pretty well– always an easy crowd-pleaser, and devilled eggs, though popular, are at almost every party we have, so I mixed things up a bit and made the bourbon rum balls instead… with a slight yet profound coconut addition.

Here’s the recipe, my friends:


2 1/4 cup Vanilla Wafer Crumbs

1 cup nuts chopped fine

1/3 to 1/2 cup bourbon or rum, depending on how strong you like them.

3 tbsp. cocoa

1 cup confectioner’s sugar.

Combine crumbs and nuts. Place remaining ingredients in a bowl and beat thoroughly. Pour over dry mixture and mix well. Roll inot balls about an inch around, then roll balls either in conf. sugar or chopped nuts.

Good to have around for company at Christmas or Thanksgiving.


Mine were a more of an adventure. Instead of Vanilla Wafers, I chose Pepperidge Farms’s Milano cookies– they’re thin and crispy with dark chocolate and a hint of mint. The Vanilla Wafers were actually filled with a ton of ingredients that I wouldn’t want anyone to eat, even though I love them. The P.F.’s were more wholesome and a little bit cheaper, in a way… except that I got home and realized I didn’t have enough, so I added crushed graham crackers to the mix.

I also added coconut flour, to bind them a little more and add a nice, coconut flavor and texture. That was a winning decision.

Party tip: We hung a curtain in the kitchen and set up the camera on a tri-pod and a desk lamp to act as our “studio lights” then invited everyone to have their picture taken. The photos are amazing, candid, and fun. Great way to get delicious photos at any party.

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3 comments on “Bourbon or Rum Balls

  1. Aimee
    September 28, 2010

    Oh, coconut flour. I’ll have to see if I can find that.

    Looks like a great party Paige! 🙂

    ♥ Aimee

  2. Paigie Nana Cakes
    September 29, 2010

    Yeah, coconut flour is GREAT. It makes cakes so moist, and it’s gluten free, if you’re into that :).

    • Toni
      September 30, 2010

      Gluten free – cool! I’m going to forward this on to my friend Dan as his wife has a Gluten allergy. ( however, they enjoy the “rum”).
      Where were the wigs and the facial paint with the black stickers???? Bonjour Madame Bella.

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