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Eenie Meenie Minie Moe – Choosing Your Website Host

Oh, the glories of choosing a website host. I finally tapped DreamHost on the shoulder and we entered into a mutual agreement where I pay them every month, and they host this beautiful WordPress blogchild. But how did I chose them, when there are so many to choose from? This is a constant topic, one asked just yesterday by Mr. Anderson’s Mother. He suggested one I almost went with- Bluehost, simply because they –seem– great. But some internet sleuthing turned up a whole other story.

Necessary Attributes:

– Ease of Use for the Totally Unskilled

– Super Affordable

– WordPress Friendly


I went to WordPress and saw what they recommended. They had a whole handful of WordPress-friendly hosting providers. I opened each one and decided upon two contenders: Bluehost, their top pic, and Laughing Squid, a friendly competitor.

Bluehost seemed to be the pure winner, as it looks as easy as gliding on a bike. You just upload, hit some clearly-labeled buttons, and voila’, everything done. (I think.) It also looked like it had a comprehensive CMS (computer management system, which means your personal command center) for dummies.

Laughing Squid is based in San Francisco, supports the arts, and is even cheaper than Bluehost. It also looks simple– in fact, a little too simple. There are no directions for the technically lame, though they boast extremely personable customer service because, they say, they’re full of real programmers who want to help you. Being from S.F. was a plus, helping the arts a super plus. The price a plus. The lack of directions lackluster. They also seemed a little flea-markety, or New Yorky, which was a plus and a minus (I love New York, though flea market style didn’t grab me with that streamlined / professional feeling that I want, even though they’ve been in the business for 10+ years).

Waffling, waffling… who to choose? I was simply unable to decide between the two, one being personable & arts + blogger friendly, while the other being a top pic from WordPress and looking easy. And then, in my indecision and sleuthing, some truths began to shine. Google’s little bird let me onto some complaints about Bluehost. Apparently they are known to support anti-gay rights measures, blog censoring, and other unfriendly things.

Google checked one off the list for me.

But the decision wasn’t made. I still wasn’t totally please with L.S., as cool as they are. That’s when work helped out– a rogue email from DREAMHOST came into my inbox, the vestige of DreamHost relationships of yore. Their annual newsletter had some adult humor and seemed really personable. So, thus, a little more research was in need.

It was their commitment to Green Practices and their hilarious employee profiles that did it. They’re an employee-owned company and they sound like a bunch of programmers and normal, “crazy” people who play video games and love accounting, fixing servers, f*cking around, and working. They are also in the Green Power Partnership Program– they realized that their servers produce as much carbon dioxide as 545 average houses– so they bought carbon offsets, turned off lights, started using two sides of paper, looked at employee transportation programs, etc. They brought themselves around full-circle. They also use recyclable & compostable paper cups, are purchasing more environmentally friendly servers as they need them, etc. Their commitment to being green reminded me of my commitment to eating healthy meat, which has been a major life change. So, they had the professionalism, the track record, the funny employees, and the commitment to good causes… and now nine bucks every month from me.

Oh DreamHost, you’re so DeamHosty: DreamHost. If you know of other, similarly good companies, please share, I’d love to know!



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