Cake Nana Cake

Deliciously Delectable Old Recipes, Baby. Cook it!


Hello, Nana Cakes!

This blog started as a thousand-thousand small 3 x 5 cards from my grandmother. From my grandmother, to my mother, to almost Goodwill, to Me. My mom said, “Do you want these? Otherwise I’m giving them to Goodwill.” Um, YES! I seized three small boxes, filled to the BRIM with old recipes from New England, California, and all over the globe. Most of them are cake recipes. Most of them are pre-war 1940′s specialties written with a FOUNTAIN PEN and a few even say “place in electric refrigerator”. Several gift credit, as in “Recipe from Mrs. So-and-So of New England.” Apparently my NanaCakes traded recipes with all of her friends and it was very important for everyone to get credit for their creations, even if the publication is as limited as a few ladies’ personal recipe card boxes. And, Now, The Fun Begins.

Hello, Blog! YES, I am writing a blog. No, I am not a bon vivant chef! I inherited my mother’s farm cooking skills, though raised in Marin, California (as far from a farm as you can get. OK, LA is as far from a farm as you can get. At least we have West Marin and the surfing era of bygone days). Now I live in Portland and, even though I wasn’t born with a green wooden spoon, as it were, I do like eating. And I lived in Italy for three years and can’t say that a love for eating didn’t have something to do with it.

So here we go. As I dip through these old recipes and bring their instructions to life, I bring the creations to you via the Interwebs. So maybe you can enjoy them, critique them, and eat deliciously. Yes, you one or two other readers not including my mom (are you kidding?), OK, just you there. Yes, you. You one other person. Hope you like ‘em.

Ciao bellissimi!

– P


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